Instructional Guide in Caring for textured RAW hair extensions

What is Textured hair? Textured Hair is hair strands that are not completely Straight naturally! Including, Wavy Hair Textures, Yes?! Wavy Hair Textures and Relaxed Hair fall into this category.  

Any Textured hair with curves, spirals, zigzags, or waves; I need you to understand the hair. Knowing your hair texture means you can treat it correctly for its type without unnecessary expectations.

More Is NOT Always the BEST!
Avoid Too Many Products 
Maintenance is Key

Meelyke Golden Rule in extending the longevity of your Textured Hair is to stay away from putting too many products. It’s like your real hair, too much product can tend to cover the cuticle and weigh the hair down and make it stiff and lifeless. Which will lead to more washes which compromises the integrity of hair strands.


You must maintain a natural density when wearing textured hair otherwise, it will have much more tendency to matt. We usually advise our customers that prefer a little fuller look to wear it in a wig instead or to sew in a natural density and then use clip in to get a fuller look, this way maintenance is much easier!


 Washing Texturized Hair Extension Process

  • Before the washing process, make sure you detangle the hair, comb your hair with fine-tooth comb from tip to root!
  • Use this concoction in a spray bottle, use a sulfate free rich moisturizing conditioner of your choice mixed with water, to detangle the hair.
  • Then follow with moisturizing shampoo or clarifying shampoo if your hair has lots of build-ups to clean out all the dirt
  • Finish with the sulfate free conditioner.
  • Always wash and gently brush the hair in one direction. You can rinse the shampoo out, but the conditioner does not need to be washed out fully.

Co-Washing Texturized Hair Extensions Process

This option is best when there is not a lot of build-up in the hair. Instead of shampooing the extension, you would perform a co-wash (conditioner wash) of hair.

  • You can do this by completely immersing the hair in warm water mixed with deep conditioner, brush together while still dripping wet and then towel dry after properly detangled.


  • Hair Direction

One of the best tips in Caring for Textured Hair is to always maintain the hair going in one direction throughout the shampooing and conditioning process to avoid tangling

  • Completely Detangle Your Hair

Using a detangler brush, combing it from the tip to the very top. You may experience some more breakage, but this is necessary for cleaning your hair since it may be matting towards the track. Make sure to go gradually from tip to end to minimize breakage.

  • Wash Your Hair with Very Warm Water

We advise using warm water on coarse hair since it’s so strong and this helps to relax the cuticle handle a warmer temperature.

  • Clarifying Recipe

If you apply permanent hair color, wash hair with vinegar after rinsing off the color. Then follow with shampoo and conditioner.  This is a great clarifying recipe.

  • Always Use a Sulfate Free Moisturizing Conditioner

The best way to get a good consistency is by mixing conditioner and very warm water in a water bottle.

  • Make Sure You Do This Process Line by Line

The complete test to know that this is right is through the “fine-toothed comb test”. You need to be able to run a fine-toothed comb through the hair from root to tip. If you can do this, then the hair is properly detangled.

  • Always Use a Towel

Use a towel and pat your hair, gently absorb the water but do NOT rub! You don’t want to create the knots and friction that will roughen up the shaft of the hair. Furthermore, you never want to sleep on wet hair. 

  • Apply Products Generously

We strongly advise adding a generous amount of Argan oil products generously on the root especially towards the back and mid-session.

  • Avoid heat-based styling

The best way to style textured hair especially curly ones is in its natural state, twist out, roller set, flexi-rod, heat free!

We will leave you with a few key Reminders
Stay away from styling products with Sulfate (alcohol). Don’t sleep on wet hair. And Avoid heat-based styling as much as you can!

When following Meelyke Beauty Hair Guide and Tips we insure you will extend the life of your extensions. We have crafted a level of exceptional human hair wefts that will stand the test of time with proper nourishment. Treat your hair extensions as if they are a part of your scalp and they will treat you even better. Providing a flawless weightless and seamless look, that will have them all guessing! If you have any questions, please contact us at its our pleasure to assist!