Meet the SHE-EO?!

Hey Gems,


I’m Gemi, the Founder & CEO of Meelyke Beauty. I come from a family who has been in the beauty industry for two generations. I naturally gravitated towards the industry and knew that one day I would leave my beauty mark on the world, which was by owning my own beauty business.


I’ve always had a love for fashion and beauty, I kept that love throughout the year. I retrieved my manicuring licenses in 2009 and began my journey in the beauty industry. I started booth renting in salons part-time as a nail artist, I worked in retail stores, read magazines, watched movies, trade shows, anyway to stay connected to the beauty industry, I was into! Until 2014. 2014 my family relocated to a different state. I was focused on becoming more successful in my corporate career, settling, myself and family, into a completely new environment. Things shifted in my life and I lost touch for a while until March 2020.


March 2020, I decided to devote more of my time into things I enjoyed and absolutely love the most, which lead me back to beauty and hair. I might have missed out on a couple magazines or fashion trends, but I never lost touch with my hair and beauty. I was always in a salon or massage chair catering to my feminine needs and wants. I gravitated towards products and services that help me feel inspired, and motivated to be great everyday. Products that improved my confidence to insure that everyday I stepped out the door, I was ready, I was prepared, and golden! 


I wanted to provide my customers with products that provided that same inspiring feeling. A diverse line of luxury beauty and hair supplies to help you achieve your beauty goals, leave you feeling inspired and ready for any occasion. I put the pin to the pad and started working on my business plan. Here almost a year later, February 2021 I started my beauty venture and launched my online luxury beauty store Meelyke Beauty.


I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading about me and my inspiration behind Meelyke | Meelyke Beauty 


 Make sure you stay connected with me on this beautiful journey, I am just getting started! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, and Pinterest @meelykebeauty. I truly do appreciate and thank you all for the support! 

Message from our CEO
Meelyke Owner & Founder of Meelyke Beauty Luxury Beauty Brand, Luxury Virgin hair extensions