How to Correctly Apply Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions is an easy way to achieve temporary length without spending a fortune at the salon for heat-applied extensions or a full sewn-in weave. Use clip-ins to add length for a day or special occasion or apply them every day to maintain a long hairstyle. Experiment with the placement of your clip-in extensions to blend them as much as possible with your real hair.


  1. Make a part above the nape from ear to ear to attach the shortest hair extension.
  2. Smooth the rest of your hair away from the part and secure with a hair clip.
  3. Slide the comb of the clip onto the roots of the part, and push the clip closed to secure. Tease thin hair at the root of the part so the comb has more bulk to attach to.
  4. Remove hair from the hair clip and part it again from ear to ear, 1 to 1 1/2 inch above the first extension. Apply a longer hair extension and continue adding to the back of the head.
  5. Attach the shorter pieces to the sides of your head, above the ears, to frame your face, and blend hair.
  6. Comb your hair to blend the extension hair with real hair.