Our Mission: Who is Meelyke?

Meelyke Beauty is a luxury beauty store whose mission is to provide our customers with premium hair extensions, wigs, eyelashes, beauty styling supplies and more. Inspiring you to create the best version of yourself helping you achieve your beauty goals by using our products!
Hoping to capture the true essence of every woman we touch through our products, we have partnerships with unique reparable manufactures that were able to create a diverse line of signature natural hair textures, lengths, and colors for our customers. Given their 20 years of experience within the human hair industry, we can provide the finest crafted 100% Top Grade Virgin Remy, Virgin, and Raw human hair wigs and hair extensions at an exclusive price.
Our motto is all hair is good hair and we are just an extension of that. With the beauty and hair industry evolving so rapidly, we embrace diversity and celebrate multi-cultural influences. We focus on high quality ethically sourced products, set to highlight your inner and outer beauty making your shopping experience with Meelyke a unique and captivating one!
Make sure you stay connected with us on this beautiful journey. You can find us @meelykebeauty on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tik-Tock
Thanks for the support and we appreciate you all!